You Know You’re a Soapmaker When…

Yes, it’s been done before, but play along, just for fun.

You know you’re a soapmaker when. . .
You dream of swirls.
Trace has a whole new meaning.
You buy things merely because you suspect the packaging would make a great mold.
The hardware store suddenly holds new interest, and it has nothing to do with home repair or improvement.
You know what “saponify” means.
You understand the difference between eo’s and fo’s.
Your kitchen has been robbed of equipment you’ve relegated to soapmaking.
You accumulate an ever-increasing number of amber colored bottles, each with a scent you just HAD to have.
You purchase food, herbs and spices that will never be tasted.
You shake your head knowingly when you hear the term, “syndet.”
You jump out of bed in the morning to see if your soap is ready to cut.
You look for color combinations and designs all around you, not for fashion’s sake, but for your next batch of soap.

Your turn! Add it in the comments area.
Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.
Beth Byrne for Making Soap, Cosmetics and Candles