Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Your Business

It’s time to get social! It is time to use social media to your advantage, that is.

If you are like millions of other soap/bath & body/candle makers, you use social media. But, do you use it to spread the word about  your business? If not, you are missing out on the fastest growing method for reaching your current customers and obtaining new ones, not to mention quite possibly the least expensive. Even if you do use social media for business; like me, perhaps you could improve your strategies.

You will be happy to know the issue you will find in your mailbox on July 1 features using social media for business.  Erica Pence educates us on visual storytelling marketing, while Kylie Wolfson advises us of five simple tips for boosting our businesses on social media. “Being Visible” by Melinda Coss is sure to give a boost in using Facebook.

You are not a business person? You will find a great deal of other information to tantalize you:

  • Design Mania Winners Announced
  • Non-anionic surfactants as can only be shared by Kevin Dunn
  • Power of the Seed – Your Guide to Oils
    for Health and Beauty
    book review written by Marina Tadiello
  • Making herbal teas and tisanes from Natalie Wilson
  • Understanding web hosting terminology with our new Working Smarter columnist, Michelle Rhoades!
  • How social media is like the wild, wild West explained by Anissa Patten (which I know those of you on Facebook groups will love).

We at Making Soap are so excited for you to read this July/August 2015 issue! Yes, I  say that each time, but it is because we are. Yet we also know we have so much heartfelt work to offer to you, our readers. Let us know what you think.

Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.

Beth Byrne, for Making Soap, Cosmetics and Candles