New Year’s Resolutions: Make Them And Make Them Happen

Ah, those New Year’s resolutions, they make us jolly in January, but are forgotten by February.

Did you make new year’s resolutions for 2017 when it comes to soap, bath and body or candles? Do you want to try something new? Start or grow a business? Join a group or association?

Whatever our individual goals and desires, we must do more than pronounce them on January first.

They take planning, research and determination that lasts the year through. You may find the guidelines below helpful in your goal-setting.

  1. Set specific goals. “I will make a soy container candle,” is specific, unlike, “I want to makecandles.” Guess which one you are most likely to accomplish?
  2. Make them attainable. A goal is no more than a dream if you cannot possibly accomplish it. Winning the lottery, for instance, is not a goal, it is a dream you have no control over. An attainable goal for most however, is making a batch of cold process soap.
  3. Set a date. When will you make that candle? “I will make a soy container candle in January,” tells you what you want to do and when, so you know to read about the topic, query candlemakers or take a class now and then quickly acquire supplies.
  4. Break larger goals down into steps with deadlines. A large goal such as, “I will open a store in 2017,” requires a great deal of advanced planning. Finding a suitable location, planning for employees, learning about commercial leasing and so much more goes into getting ready for a grand opening. Setting intermediate steps is essential to eventual success.
  5. Set scary goals. It might seem a bit insane and contradictory, but real accomplishments come from doing something you are nervous about, things that make you stretch. Goals should not be impossible, but some of them should be challenging enough that they require you to hustle to make them happen. Whether making your first cold process soap or renting a manufacturing or retail location, make it something that involves risk. Your success will be so much sweeter when it arrives.

Undeniably, 2017 will throw obstacles in your path and may even derail you, but do not let the specter of the unknown prevent you from setting goals. It is better to get halfway toward a goal and change direction than to be immobilized by fear and not take a step at all.

What are your resolutions and goals for 2017 and what are you doing to accomplish them?

Until next time, may your days be filled with bubbles and wax.

Beth Byrne, for Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candles

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