A Maker’s Haven

Whether hobbyist or making a living from soap, cosmetics or candles, we need space. A comfortable, well-organized space helps us get in the “zone” to create and produce. It is a maker’s haven, even if for a short period of time.

Some take over the kitchen to learn and create. Others must command an entire room or building, which necessitates a plan and organization to make the most of the space, because we never have enough.


When a maker gets that wonderful space, it is a challenge to organize it. Though overwhelming to start with a blank canvas and transform it into an efficient place to produce and create, it is vital to a good outcome and enjoyment. It is no fun to rummage around to find ingredients, molds and utensils and waste precious time.

An organized space begins with a plan.

What do you plan to do with the space? Are you a hobbyist who wants to master everything and make occasional gifts? Did you begin a business with a plan for a limited number and variety of products? Or, do you plan on a heavy production space? What you implement will begin with the answer to this important question. Think about your immediate needs.

Next, think about flow. You want ingredients, equipment, molds, gloves and so on easy to access, and what you need to grab without walking away, close by. Think about how you like to work and plan accordingly. Do you like to start with ingredients on one side and place them on the other once you used them, for instance? What makes you feel confident and efficient in working?

Do not forget about equipment, such as tables, shelves, heating units, mixers and other machines. Hobbyists and larger small businesses need these items, but the size and number changes. A set of shelves or cabinet and a table might be enough for a beginner or casual hobbyist; shelves and storage space in multiples are necessary for a larger business.

We cannot forget about clean-up, of course. Where will you clean up? Where will dirty pots and pans and utensils go? You may need a bin for toting dishes to the kitchen or you may have a sink in your space. Figure out what kind of tables, shelves and bins will make work easy and convenient. Stainless steel is ideal for just about any space or purpose, and if it is on wheels, it makes clean up much easier.

If the space is clean, organized and efficient, making is a pleasure instead of a hassle. Not only that, but production is faster, which means less time making product and thus, greater profits. It will probably take a bit of doing and undoing and doing again, but the result is an enviable and productive space—a maker’s haven.

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