Those Elusive Containers

It is a familiar question: “Does anyone know where to find this container? Every supplier I’ve tried is out and I need them!”

Most makers know now that containers are hard to come by these days. Due to current events, manufacturing slowed down considerably. As a result, a container shortage exists.

This presents quite a dilemma to the maker/seller. Most products require containers, and if they don’t have them, they cannot sell. What to do? Here are some ideas to pivot creatively to overcome this temporary, yet persistent hurdle.

Check local sales listings and Facebook resale groups. Containers are often available and usually at a great deal.

Compromise on the container. Ouch! I know; you carefully chose the perfect container. It is just the right size, the right color and holds just the right amount for your style. But,  these are extraordinary times and that require adjustments and even compromises. Find a way to make the containers work. Keep the general label style the same and don’t look back.

If you purchase in high enough quantity, import directly. This is not for everyone, of course, but it is something to investigate if you want to ensure a steady supply. Check the reviews of the company and get all the costs in writing before you place the order.

Rethink your line. How can you package and sell products differently? Can you make solid products that do not require containers? One example is shampoo bars vs. liquid shampoo. Just shrinkwrap the bar and forget the container.

If you are desperate, promote the products that you either have ample containers for or that you can package in available packaging.

Think of the bright side. You might even come up with something better than you had to begin with!

May all your days be filled with bubbles and wax.

Beth Byrne, for Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candles Magazine.

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