Be a Good Newbie

Four Rules for Newbies

Welcome newbies! It is great to be a newbie because that means you are willing to learn and try something you know little about. You may be excited and a little anxious, so you look for a little help. Continue reading

It makes sense to look to others for help. Unfortunately, experienced makers at times feel that newbies are too demanding, lazy or dare I say it, entitled.

How then, can you get information and assistance?

Follow these four simple rules to almost guarantee good results and better relations with other makers.

Rule #1 – Nobody owes you anything

You know someone who makes it or join a group of makers. They should immediately tell you all you want to know and share some good recipes with you, right?


The people you are looking to for help spent hours studying and learning. They may have paid for courses or experts to help them. They made costly mistakes which they turned into learning opportunities. Why should they give all of that away for your convenience? The answer is, they don’t have to.

Despite that, a great number of makers are willing to help, which leads to the next rule.

Rule #2 – Do not take advantage of others’ generosity

You find someone or a group of people who are willing to help. Hooray! They will now happily spoon-feed all the information and advice they took years to gain, right?

Wrong again.

Most people come across in this industry are extremely giving but that does not mean you can use them up for free assistance and then go on your merry way and forget all they did.

To get help from others as a good citizen of the handmade industry, check out rules 3 and 4.

Rule #3 – Be considerate

A considerate person respects others’ time and effort in getting where they are. They do not expect the proverbial silver platter of information and formulas. The thoughtful learner keeps the conversation on topic and does not ask wide open questions that require a great deal of time or effort on the expert’s part.

A considerate person will ask for reliable sources of information first and ask questions about the topic later after they digest it.

Finally, a considerate person realizes that mistakes and failures are part of the learning process. Sometimes, they are fixable, but even if they are not, they assure growth.

A considerate learner will NEVER, EVER ask someone to share a paid formula or anything else they promised not to share.

Rule #4 – Show gratitude

Does it need explanation? In case it does, say thank you to those who help you. A simple thanks goes a long way to develop a good relationship with others. For someone who takes more time with you, an expressive note or even a simple gift is a welcome surprise. For a mentor, you might go even go further. Acknowledge publicly that you didn’t get there alone.

See? It’s not so hard. Practice the four rules and get making!

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