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My Soap Isn’t Pretty Enough!

It seems that everyone on the planet has seen endless photos of beautiful, fussy, artistic soap. Multi-color, complex swirls, textured tops, embeds and piped flowers are common. It might also seem that these soaps are the standard for all who sell soap. These photos might have you saying, “My soap […]

A Maker’s Haven

Whether hobbyist or making a living from soap, cosmetics or candles, we need space. A comfortable, well-organized space helps us get in the “zone” to create and produce. It is a maker’s haven, even if for a short period of time. Some take over the kitchen to learn and create. […]

When a Maker Makes a Mistake

You look at the label of a bath and body product and see it is labeled improperly. Or, you have a conversation with another maker and find that they are not completely disclosing ingredients, are using a non-approved colorant or any other of many possible scenarios. A maker makes a […]

Is it Time to Upgrade?

When you began your adventure making bath and body products or candles and melts, you probably purchased basic, essential equipment. Perhaps you purchased secondhand, borrowed from the kitchen or improvised. Packaging was handmade, purchased locally or whatever suited the need and appealed to your senses. It was all well and […]

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Everyone who complains about a fellow artisan copying their products is told, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Does that make it acceptable? Is the original maker supposed to feel complimented and let it go? What should the original maker do? Take note that the copying referred to is […]