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Oh, that Distressing DOS!

Five Ways to Avoid it The appearance of DOS distresses soapmakers around the world. You make a lovely soap. It cures well and feels great on the skin. Suddenly, you notice orange spots. You peer closer, poke at the soap and notice that the spots are soft and translucent. You […]


Let us talk for a minute about integrity as a soap maker, and candle maker or a cosmetics maker. What does it mean to have integrity? What are some examples? The person with integrity studies copyright/patent/trademark laws and determines what is legal before taking the writing, ideas, photos and so […]

Why don’t they like my products?

“I gave soap (insert any handmade product) to my family and no one will use it. Why don’t they like my products?” Nearly everyone I know makes the same complaint. Why, indeed? Let’s look at some of the reasons they might not like what you make. The product is poorly […]