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Soap Shaming

Soap shaming. Have you been a victim? Are you guilty? Soap shaming is the practice of berating other soapmakers regarding their practice or ingredients of choice. Of course, this practice involves several hot topics (and other products), as well. They include, but are not limited to: Melt & pour Palm […]

You Know You’re a Soapmaker When…

Yes, it’s been done before, but play along, just for fun. You know you’re a soapmaker when. . . You dream of swirls. Trace has a whole new meaning. You buy things merely because you suspect the packaging would make a great mold. The hardware store suddenly holds new interest, […]

Tips for Overcoming Irritation

Life’s irritations. Without a doubt, we have a long list of them. From the shrill of the morning alarm to temper-tantrumed toddlers in the grocery store to rude customers, we deal with irritations every day, all day long. In thinking about it, I realized that life is full of irritations–inescapable […]