Summer Sales: 5 Ideas to Protect Body Butters

Summer has arrived and it is time for summer festivals and other outdoor selling events. The festive atmosphere and buying crowds make for a great opportunity to earn money. Unfortunately, the same weather also presents challenges to outdoor sellers. Storms, sun and relentless heat cause difficulties for makers of bath and body products. Unsightly condensation … Continue reading Summer Sales: 5 Ideas to Protect Body Butters

2021 Design Mania Contest

(The Design Mania Contest will be based on the soapmaking design technique tutorials published in the current issue (May/June) of Making Soap Magazine) Four (4) soap design technique tutorials have been published in (May/June 2021) Making Soap Magazine. See the designs in action. Below are video links for three of the four Design Mania techniques:Peridot Gem Stone: … Continue reading 2021 Design Mania Contest