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‘Raves for Faves’ – 2019

It is time once again for the Making Soap, Cosmetics & Candle’s (formerly Saponifier) popular Raves for Faves Survey. This is where we take the pulse of our industry to find out what you like to make, what products are trending and how business is for you. We value your […]

I Know Natural When I See it

What is Natural? When it comes to natural, we might think, “Natural, you know, from nature. I know it when I see it.” Pressed for a definition, we might say that the substance is based on plant matter or is found in nature and minimally processed. That sounds reasonable, does […]

Are You a Safe Maker?

Are you a safe maker? I know. It isn’t pretty, it doesn’t smell good and we would rather spend money on more exciting things. Still, we need to take a step back and review our processes once in a while to ensure that we are doing what we can to […]

My Soap Isn’t Pretty Enough!

It seems that everyone on the planet has seen endless photos of beautiful, fussy, artistic soap. Multi-color, complex swirls, textured tops, embeds and piped flowers are common. It might also seem that these soaps are the standard for all who sell soap. These photos might have you saying, “My soap […]

Soapmaking Shortcuts

When you first learned to make soap, you did not worry about taking shortcuts or speeding up the process. In fact, you probably proceeded at a slow pace to ensure you did things correctly. After time however, the thought of soapmaking shortcuts likely crossed your mind. If you sell, saving […]