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My Soap Isn’t Pretty Enough!

It seems that everyone on the planet has seen endless photos of beautiful, fussy, artistic soap. Multi-color, complex swirls, textured tops, embeds and piped flowers are common. It might also seem that these soaps are the standard for all who sell soap. These photos might have you saying, “My soap […]

Oh, that Distressing DOS!

Five Ways to Avoid it The appearance of DOS distresses soapmakers around the world. You make a lovely soap. It cures well and feels great on the skin. Suddenly, you notice orange spots. You peer closer, poke at the soap and notice that the spots are soft and translucent. You […]

Stick Blender Basics

What would we modern soap and lotion makers do without our beloved stick blenders? Now considered basic equipment, we study the features to determine which among the many brands will serve us best.  Which one will perform well? Which one will give us the longest use? Which one comes in […]