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Surprises of Scent

You order new scents, open the first bottle and take a big sniff. Oh, what a mistake! You hate it and cannot imagine why anyone would ever purchase it intentionally, much less create lotion, soap, candles or anything else with it. So, you stash the bottle, never intending to use […]

Do You Fancy Fragrance?

Unless you specialize in unscented products, fragrance is a vital part of your experience. Therefore, it is important to understand fragrance. If you feel you haven’t grasped what it is all about, you’ll get the short story here. Two main types of fragrance are available —essential oil and fragrance oil. […]

To Scent or Not to Scent, Part ll

Essential oils require much more knowledge than fragrance oils and thus, more due diligence before using them. Is the scent skin safe? Is the percentage rate limited? Will it survive cold process soap? Is it permissible for soap but not for bath or leave-on products? Will it work in candles? […]